Adrift – Kindle


Book 6 in the Unbound Prophecy series, a spicy fantasy romance series.

The fates have spoken. Violissa and Sinow are free to live their lives unburdened by the prophecy that once bound them.

Lingering effects of the prophecy’s influence remain, and they soon find pieces in play that have yet to settle. With Tynan’s return, forces emerge that will shift their path and manipulate the tenuous relationship between the three. With every day that passes, the happiness for which Violissa and Sinow had hoped slips from their grasp. To reclaim it and ensure the remnants of the prophecy are in place, the two kings will face off once again, Violissa’s life in flux, awaiting the outcome.

Adrift with no Fates to guide them, the three will discover their final place in the prophecy and a destiny no one expected. Will Violissa and Sinow finally attain the happiness for which they’ve waited lifetimes, or is their love fated to forever remain adrift?


Product Details:
614 pages
ISBN: 978-1-954175-94-5


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