Curse of the Broken Prince – Unsigned Paperback


Book 1 of the Wicked Warlocks duology. Curse of the Broken Prince is a spicy paranormal fantasy with a morally gray male mc and a strong-willed female mc whose worlds are about to collide.


I wasn’t looking for a mate; it was the last thing I wanted. The ghosts of my past had broken me, as had Cassandra, who had chosen my cousin over me the moment I relinquished my crown. She flaunted herself, continuing to seduce me, even bringing me the one thing that guaranteed she would never manipulate me again. Briana. A mate unlike any I’d imagined and one for whom I would lay down my life to protect. Now, the witches in my coven hunt her, forcing me to turn on them and risk everything. But Briana is worth losing it all.


Warlocks and witches rule my world. We revere and despise them, but mostly, we fear them. They do not mate with non-casters, they forbid it, and death is the punishment should anyone dare. But it had never been my intention to end up in his bedroom that night, to have him mate me unknowingly, neither of us expecting it. Now, the covens hunt me, and he protects me. But there are secrets my broken prince carries, a curse he wears like a brand, one that I am about to shatter.


Product Details:
5.5 x 8.25 inches
336 pages
ISBN: 978-1960784261


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