Fate of the Broken Queen – Kindle


Book 2 of the Wicked Warlocks duology. It is a stand-alone couple story that intersects with Briana and Nicolas’ story from Curse of the Broken Prince.


Nicolas has banished Cassandra to my kingdom and, as his friend, I’ve agreed to take her. I plan to make her suffer for her crimes and treat her like the spoiled brat she is. But there’s something about her that’s hard to resist. My brother Rush likes the fire in her, and I can’t deny that I enjoy watching her obey my commands. She’s tempting, and I should send her back, but I intend to break her…if she doesn’t break me first.


I didn’t think Nicolas would banish me to the Braigon Coven with its constant snow and horrid cold. Its broody ruler, Riggs, intends to treat me like a lowly non-caster and make me suffer. But Riggs and his brother Rush are nothing like I expected. Rush confuses me with his comments and his burly presence, but it’s Riggs who confounds me. He’s controlling and expects my obedience. He wants to break me, and I’m not certain I want to stop him.


Product Details:
350 pages
ISBN: 978-1960784353


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