Submerged – Kindle


Book 4 in the Unbound Prophecy series, a spicy fantasy romance series.

Violissa has been kidnapped by Tynan, her powers stripped, her immortality stolen. Held prisoner in a world from which there is no escape, she discovers a history buried in time as her presence awakens a land once thought to have been lost forever. Drawing upon her connection to the land that now holds her captive, she will be pushed to the edge, using every bit of her wit and strength to escape Tynan’s grasp and find her way back to Sinow.

While Violissa fights for her survival, Sinow struggles to save her, finding no entry into her prison. Wrestling to make sense of this new twist in the prophecy’s path, he is forced to wait in agony as each day passes, confronting his own demons in the process.

Their journey will bring to light the Fates’ true intent and reveal the ultimate cost of Violissa’s initial step from the prophecy’s path. Will this be the final act or yet another redirection of a prophecy still unbound?


Product Details:
368 pages
ISBN: 978-1-954175-93-8


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