The Coveted Hues of Skye – Unsigned Paperback


Book 2 in the Hues series, a spicy dark fantasy romance series.

To her south, a king covets her mages, to the east a queen covets her mate, and to the depths of the Shadow Realm, a god covets her hues.

Skye has freed the mages and restored the mage kingdom of Kantenda, but danger lurks beyond the borders of her magical kingdom. The king of Chenthom broods to her south, angry that he has lost his mages while a new threat simmers in the east-Crimson. The fiery red-haired queen of Apendia has a reputation rife with rumors of manipulation and suspicion that the mage wars were her doing.

When Skye and Mark receive a summons for peace talks, Mark is suspicious, but Skye must accept or risk war with the manipulative queen. Meanwhile, the threat in the Shadow Realm lingers with the Death God who vows revenge on Skye for her trickery. Will Skye and Mark survive the challenges that lie before them, or will they succumb to unforeseen events that will change their lives forever?



Product Details:
5.5 x 8.25 inches
314 pages
ISBN: 978-1-954175-89-1


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