The Endless Shadows of Pete


Book 5 in the Hues series, a spicy dark fantasy romance series.

When Skye, Mark, Crimson, Bormick, and Pete wage an attack on the unnamed enemy who wreaked havoc in their kingdoms, they find themselves prisoners to the enemy king, Taenom. Taenom’s offer of freedom comes with a high price-a series of challenges that test the strength of the new alliance between the five and the relationships within.

As the challenges progress, it becomes clear that Pete and Skye are the chosen targets, and that Pete is more than they’ve been led to believe. With the world’s fate on his shoulders, Pete must fight to understand his destiny, and all five must come to accept the fated redefining of the family they’ve grown to be.

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Product Details:
340 pages
ISBN: 978-1-960784-07-0


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