The Shattered Shades of Crimson – Unsigned Paperback


Book 3 in the Hues series, a spicy dark fantasy romance series.

Ten years have passed since the Death God cursed Crimson to the Forest of Lost Souls. Her existence consists of loneliness and regret, until the day a stranger enters her forest, seeking answers to his past. Pete calls to Crimson’s blood in ways no man ever has.

As their love blooms, Crimson comes to a crossroads. Unrest has overtaken her kingdom, and freedom from her curse is offered by the most unlikely source-Skye. To save her kingdom, she must leave the man she loves and trust the woman she once scorned. But her release from the forest comes with a price and Pete is cursed in her place.

Faced with a past that defines her, a brutal usurper who will test her powers of seduction, and a lover who now shoulders her curse, Crimson’s destiny will take a new turn, entangling it further with Skye and Mark’s.



Product Details:
5.5 x 8.25 inches
310 pages
ISBN: 978-1-954175-97-6


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