Unbound Kingdom – Kindle


Omnibus (Books 1-3) of the Unbound Kingdom trilogy, a fantasy romance trilogy.

This omnibus edition of the Unbound Kingdom trilogy takes place after the events of the Unbound Prophecy series. It can be read as a standalone saga. However, there are cross-over characters, so you may want to read it after the Unbound Prophecy series to avoid spoilers and have a full understanding of the world and its past.

Ten thousand years after the fall of the immortals, the Gaern rule the kingdom.

Xali’s family has ruled the provinces since the great king defeated the immortals and reclaimed the lands as theirs. As a second born, Xali’s family expects her to keep quiet and respect the first borns, but Xali is not like the other second borns. Born without the magic the others in her family hold, she yields the sword as her weapon. She is bold, curious, and does not accept her role as a second born.

As she prepares for the joining to her betrothed, Carnick, the sheltered world in which she lives becomes one she questions. She must embrace the strange emerging powers that distinctly differentiate her from her family and uncover the truth of the past that rules those she loves. With each step she takes toward uncovering the truth, her world will shatter. Her discovery is certain to crumble everything in its wake and destroy a family whose ancestors built their very existence upon a severed kingdom.


Product Details:
722 pages
ISBN: 978-1-960784-12-4


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