A series of standalone spicy dark fairytale retellings

Of Candy & Betrayal


A standalone spicy dark fairytale retelling in the Wicked and Twisted Tales series.

Hunter always found his stepsister, Gemma, annoying, but when his father abandoned her in the Endless Forest, Hunter went after her. Lost in the woods, they came upon a witch and her two sons. And in that moment, their lives changed forever.

Fifteen years after escaping the witch, Hunter and Gemma reunite. But Gemma is no longer the annoying little stepsister Hunter remembers. And although the witch is dead, her sons are very much alive. One lives at the gates of the underworld, terror in the flesh. The other offers Gemma a quest she cannot refuse-to find the stones of the cursed witches. Stones with unrivaled power. In the hands of one son, the world will kneel; in the hands of the other, the curse will lift.

Hunter knows neither option is worth the reward, but for Gemma, one is.

Secrets and betrayal layer the path Gemma and Hunter must travel to find the five stones. As their lives and desires intersect with the two men who haunt their past and hold the key to their future, they will discover their story is only just beginning.

Trigger Warning: Of Candy and Betrayal contains explicit sexual scenes, coarse language, violence, and death.

Of Petals and Lies


A standalone spicy dark fairytale retelling in the Wicked and Twisted Tales series.

What if Beauty’s villainous suitor didn’t die at the end? And what if his redemption came at the hands of a woman who had escaped her tower years earlier?

When Garret wakes to find he’s lost the girl to a beast and now brandishes the title of villain, he runs. Three years later, his running leads him to Eloise, the older widow who speaks her mind and challenges his chauvinistic tendencies. Garret finds the plucky woman aggravating, but he’s curious to discover what lies beneath the scars that mar her features and the gray hair that looks out of place on her.

As the lies he tells to hide his past continue to build, Garret will discover Eloise holds secrets of her own that are far deadlier. With each revelation, he sheds his villainous ways but refuses to share his secrets until he can no longer deny how interwoven they are with Eloise’s past.

Petals and lies make up the path Garret must traverse to claim his mistakes and the love of a woman who is running from a tower that shadows her past and her future.

Of Petals and Lies is a Beauty and the Beast villain-inspired retelling with a splash of Rapunzel.

Trigger Warning: Of Petals and Lies contains sexually explicit content, language, violence, mention of s/a, and threats of s/a (not by the mmc).